intimidating work colleague James mcavoys character in the bbc updating of macbeth

It would be fair to say that I am hypercritical of Shakespeare productions.

He was Joe Macbeth in BBC’s Shakespeare Retold series in 2005, with Keeley Hawes as Ella Macbeth before Ashes To Ashes.Three garbage men replace the witches, and the best line is when a chef mentions Gordon Ramsey and is told, ‘We don’t use that name in this kitchen. When we see daggers and swords on stage, we’re removed from a society where everyone carried a knife, so it’s distanced.There was also no attempt to reduce it to duller, modern prose.Here was a production which did not shy away from exploring the nature of violence - both in the act and its, directed by Justin Kurzel, won’t be out until next year but Fassbender’s co-star, Marion Cotillard, who plays the formidable Lady Macbeth, found working opposite him a little unpredictable—but in a positive way.

“He surprised me which is something very special on a set.The violence in Shakespeare Retold: Macbeth is done with kitchen knives in a modern setting, so immediately “real.” I thought it the best idea in the series of four. Visceral, violent, vigorous, visual, exciting, extremely physical, brutal, and also the goriest Macbeth I’ve seen.It’s strongly reminiscent of the recent Coriolanus, which was made into a film, but this has even more blood.In 2013, he appeared in the highly praised Trafalgar Studios production, which evoked a post-apocalyptic Scotland facing an environmental catastrophe. Set inside a sinister psychiatric unit, it had Cumming relive the story by playing each of the roles himself as he’s watched by surveillance cameras.After its run at Lincoln Center, the production went on to a 73-show Broadway stint at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre in regarded by many critics as one of the finest film adaptations of the play.