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While Myspace may seem to be slowly fading away into the mist, a new focus on musicians and their fans may breath new life into the social network, although perhaps not to its original stature against the likes of hot social networking sites like Facebook and Google Plus. With Myspace for i Phone and i Pod Touch, navigating to and updating profiles, statuses and more is easy and allows you to take access to your favorite friends, photos and more with you on the go.

How to Download Myspace for i Phone App Before you can get started, you will need to follow these easy steps to download the Myspace app to your i Phone or i Pod Touch using these step by step instructions: Next, tap the green "Install" button to begin your download of Myspace for i Phone and i Pod Touch users.

The thing is, you know lots of people who have a My Space profile – but many of them haven’t logged in for years. In 2013, My Space completed a major re-launch of the site, designed to focus on the one demographic that still preferred My Space to Facebook: musicians.

Today, you’ll be hard pressed to find anybody who admits to having an account.

Fewer than six short years ago, My Space boasted more members than Facebook.

And if you’re anything like me, the pictures you uploaded during the My Space craze were less than flattering.

So here’s what you need to do to delete that pesky old profile once and for all.

And his face, well, his face is slightly pixelated. You’re thinking of a photo — one particular photo, which is the same photo I’m thinking of, which is the same photo that everybody thinks of when they hear “Myspace Tom.” This is because Tom Anderson might have the most consistent, recognizable profile picture of anyone on the internet. Since founding the site in 2003, Tom was the first person to appear on every user’s friends list, guaranteeing that somebody would appear in your Top 8.

A man, 20-something, with short hair, looking over the shoulder of his white T-shirt.His Instagram bio is “retired and taking photos.” Let’s talk about the second point, because it’s impossible to predict what will “break the internet” or quantify the results of such breakage. The Louvre had 8.6 million visitors in 2015, according to a museum press release.Assuming everyone who goes to the Louvre also looks at the Mona Lisa, that’s 8.6 million views in one year.Despite the time-slowing effect that great wealth might have on your physical appearance, there’s no way Anderson still looks like that. When you Google Image search “tom from myspace,” you’ll see a quilt of this one image stitched together over and over.And yet the photo remains his Twitter profile picture to this day. It’s as if from the moment this picture was taken, Tom Anderson went into hiding and this photo got plastered on the side of a million milk cartons.My Space was probably best known for providing a way for up and coming artists to host music tracks through a customised music player.