Persistence pays off dating dating someone in basic training

She had a leak in one her bathroom sink pipes and called a local plumber.

Aggressiveness—like a hunter..someone who is more like a soldier: stoic?

Here are some examples of persistence that I have seen fail right before my eyes: My friend met a guy out and gave it a shot with him, and decided she wasn't attracted to him.

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My friend Patti had a tough time adjusting after a rough divorce, especially getting the "Honeydo" stuff cared for around the house.

He also will spend hours of his time needlessly replaying the same negative thoughts in his head.

The guy who gets results is aware of queues the girl gives. He knows when to move forward and when to back off. The girl may be telling him she doesn’t want him, but he can read in between the lines and sees she is testing him. It’s a simple question, but the answer needs a little bit more explanation. Mentality is the first difference and awareness is the second.When it comes to persistence with women, there are two different scenarios guys usually fall into. The mentality of the guy who gets success is much different. If he doesn’t get the girl, he may feel bad for a short time, but overall he feels great because he is secure and centered in who he is.But, if I didn't hear back from her after my first attempt, I'd usually try again a week later. When a guy is chasing a girl, he does not exhibit the grace of a cat, a bird of prey, shark, or wolf.Since those dark ages, I've told myself that if a girl wants to get in touch with me, she will do so after my first call..if she's going to make me play games and chase her, then she's not worth it. He actually looks more like a baby carnivore that barely fit walk, let alone pursue and catch prey.She couldn't see anything she would have in common with this guy, but he persisted and kept calling and asking her out. For me..means no..a guy continues after's annoying...period! But I have heard stories of a guy being persistent and it worked for him...! Well, there's a difference with women between blatant rejection and them playing "hard to get".