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Anyways we started to talk the next day and decided to actually hang out. The next day Monday I went to his place and hung out with him and all his friends.Well im stupid and had sex the first time hanging out (lets just say it had been a while) anyways well i went home and the next day he was texting me and tell me how amazing I was how cool i was and all this sort of stuff.Recently my friend Marc asked me if I ever feel anxious on dates.“Never.” I said. But he was worth million and gorgeous so I deserve a pass on that.”On one hand, I wouldn’t say I was nervous about my date on Thursday.

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If anyone ever gathered all of Leonardo Di Caprio's exes in one room, it would like look like a swimsuit model convention.

Edgar' actor is hooking up with model Erin Heatherton.

“The most wonderful idea.” Nico says, popping off the lid and indulging on the heavenly cheesey goodness. “He likes you more anyway.” Nico hears him grumble. He brought a twelve pack of Heineken beer the next day, Leo praised Nico for the rest of the day, apologizing ahead of time for whatever he might pull when he’s completely smashed, and makes Nico promise to not let him drink past five beers. (He looks away for one second and Leo manages to chug another one.) “Alright,” Nico puts away the rest before Leo can get his hands on another beer. Nico quickly grabbed the bucket next to the couch placing it in front of him as Leo hurls.

Leo grins.“That’s what I thought.” He pops in Jack Frost the movie while Nico’s distracted. “I think you’ve had enough.” “No i didna't.” He shook his head, pouting. “Drink this.” Leo examines it cautiously before downing it and looking betrayed. The sound of splattering vomit against the can echoed through the room while Nico soothingly rubbed his back and had to promise not to let Leo get so drunk. Leo sighs, letting go of Nico, he answers the phone. “What are you-” “I’m trying to shine in the afterglow after having sex with Nico.” “Wait wha-” Click.

With half the country speculating whether they're dating or not, Alia Bhatt threw caution to the wind and recently posted an adorable selfie with her 2 States co-star (and according to some, her current beau) Arjun Kapoor.

Based on Chetan Bhagat's novel of the same name, '2 States' is a story of two IIM Ahmedabad students Ananya and Krish who fall in love with each other but their cultural differences create problems as the girl is a south Indian while the boy is a north Indian punjabi.Luckily for her, Gisele and Bar have since retired from modeling sparkly, diamond-encrusted bras, or else that would be one awkward dressing room at the annual Victoria's Secret fashion show!Leonardo Di Caprio Moves On From Blake Lively With A New Model According to the , Erin recently flew to Syndney where Leo is working, and is expected to return with him to New York.So I was on cloud nine that i got a 100% on my test.Well we kept hanging out on and off like twice a week and talking on a kind of regular basis.Of course I wore my new gauzy pastel blouse and had my eyebrows threaded, but at the last minute I decided against the spectator Oxfords I’d planned to wear and opted for some summery heeled sandals — which required an emergency pedicure.