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A Florida sheriff has released a dramatic video warning heroin dealers in his county that his SWAT team will 'blow their front door off its hinges' as soon his arrest warrants are finalized.Sheriff Peyton Grinnell of Lake County in Florida appeared on the video along with four members of his SWAT team, who were wearing balaclavas and dressed in black paramilitary-style garb.One of his co-conspirators, taxi driver Mohammed Majid, who made £459,000 was told to pay back £1, while three others who made around £460,000 each were ordered to hand over a few hundred pounds found on them by police when they were arrested.

He said; 'Over the last month or so I've had several phone calls from citizens in this county concerned about the number of overdoses related to heroin.'I want our citizens to know that I am aware of this serious issue.Torculas' girlfriend, Chilotte Flaviano, took their five kids into the bedroom. Torculas, 27, died, struck by eight bullets on the street.Police said he fired first, but Flaviano insisted Torculas didn't own a gun. Like many cases in the Philippines' war on drugs, details are murky, and no official police report has been produced.In it, he claimed the Contra rebels in Nicaragua were shipping cocaine into the US.

which was then flooding Compton and South-Central Los Angeles in the mid-Eighties after being turned into crack – a relatively new and highly addictive substance sold in 'rocks' that could be smoked.Webb didn't anticipate some of this, but he wasn't prepared for the level of uproar it would cause in LA’s black communities, incredulous that their own government could in some way be responsible for the crack epidemic plaguing their homes; that it would force the US government on the PR defensive; that the mainstream press, scooped by a tiny upstart, would attack Webb rather than try to dig deeper into the scandal they uncovered; or that the fallout would eventually lead to Webb taking his own life.Nineteen years on, the story of Webb’s investigation and its aftermath has been given the full Hollywood treatment.I am asking our residents to please call and let us know if you know of a location that this poison is being pushed out to our streets.You can remain anonymous.'On March 30, the SWAT team took down a suspected drug dealer who was charged with possession of methamphetamine and marijuana as well as having a stolen gun and second with an altered serial number.Raids in Yorkshire in 2014 led to the recovery of around £1m of drugs and nine people - seven men and two women - were sentenced in July 2015 to 80 years in prison.