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And although he criticized Senator Hillary Clinton’s campaign in the following weeks, dissatisfaction with Obama was often the focus of his commentary.

The actor not only stars alongside John Stamos in the upcoming Fox series, “Grandfathered”, he has also made his directorial debut with the new real life romantic comedy called “Meet the Patels”. They’re so far above me now, I mean, they’re basically entouraging right now and I’ve turned into Turtle just driving them around. I’m seeing all these pictures on Twitter and Facebook. Tavis: But what’s funny about this to me, and maybe not so funny, is that the success of your parents’ relationship in some way must challenge your… Tavis: Skepticism about a lot of arranged marriages. So I had this romantic idea of meeting a girl, falling in love and then comes everything else. Patel: I had to go mess it up, brown sheep in the family.

And we have these intimate conversations where I’m talking about, you know, Mom and Dad in the whole flight are just breathing down our necks. Like if I went to a like non-Indian person and said, “I have this white girl that I’ve been hiding from my parents”, they immediately look at you and they go, “You’re spineless. But when you go to an Indian and you tell them you got this white girl, the first thing they say is, “Whoa! ” Because you don’t do it until–it’s like coming out of the closet. But, no, so with Indians’ last name, it tells you where they’re from. So all Patels come from the same state in India and the arranged marriage, which is what my parents got, is rooted in this idea of compatibility first, which means the same kind of socioeconomic level, the same food, the same religion. And if you watch the movie, you’ll see that she never did [laugh]. This is a Code Red emergency, and all of that is exacerbated by the fact that there’s a billion other people where we’re headed that are just [bleep] off. I’m telling Geeta like this is crazy how normal this is for people in our situation. (Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images)Tavis Smiley was born in Gulfport, Mississippi, on September 13, 1964.His mother, Joyce Marie Roberts, was a single teenaged mother.On the “Morning Show” his job was to provide the uncomic relief.

He said, “When I come on, they stand down.” The sidekicks were shushed, the sound effects silenced, and the music faded out so that Smiley could deliver a secular sermon, a rat-a-tat treatise on politics and the black community.

The film codirected by his sister, Geeta, is an autobiographical documentary that offers an honest and comedic look at Ravi’s family, culture, and his love life. Before we start our conversation with Ravi, first a look at a preview of “Meet the Patels”. I mean, they get rushed at these screenings like they are Brad and Angelina and they’re sucking it up like their pros, like they’ve been doing it for years. Patel: Yeah, you bring up a good point because, you know, look, I grew up here. Well, Mom and Dad, they met for 10 minutes and then they got married and they are more in love than anyone you’ve ever seen. And I also have so many family and friends who are American-born who’ve done it the same way they did, if not the modern way with this biodata, and they’re so happy and successful.

The film is being praised by critics and audience alike, taking home the Audience Award at the L. [Clip] Tavis: If one had any doubt that love is a family affair [laugh]… Tavis: One only needs to see this project, this film, “Meet the Patels”. They did talk shows last week when they opened the movie in Chicago.

songs and comedy skits with listener call-ins and lots of good-natured banter, claims to have eight million listeners, making it the most popular radio broadcast in black America.

Smiley, who hosts his own nightly talk show on PBS (in many markets it airs after “Charlie Rose”) and a weekend radio show distributed by Public Radio International, is a gifted orator and a budding media mogul: in an era that would seem to have little need for an old-fashioned black advocate, he has made himself just about impossible to ignore.

The story of “Meet the Patels”, this real life documentary, is what? Here I am on this 18-hour flight and my sister just bought this camera that she wanted to learn how to use.