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*1980 - 1986 serial numbers are for student trumpet and cornets only.

Tours of the factory are limited to Mondays and Wednesdays at am only.

We recommend that you call ahead to confirm your arrival and our availability to host.

Please make any repair inquiries in writing to [email protected]

You may be instructed to send the instrument to us, at which time we would inspect and advise.

The end ferrules at the crook are nickel, but are simplified without any beauty marks as seen on later models.

There are a few tiny spots of corrosion on the chrome plated stockings, but it's inconsequential.

Kanstul instruments are used by some of the most famous and high profile artists, such as Herb Alpert, Doc Severinsen, Arturo Sandoval, Greg Adams, Marcus Belgrave, Richard Carson Steuart, Claudio Roditi, Tim Wendt, Bennie Cowan, Chuck Mac Kinnon, Phil Driscoll, Walt Johnson, Dontae Winslow, George Roberts, Mike Suter, Steve Reid, Charley Davis, Rashawn Ross, John Engelkes, Les Benedict, Andrew Mc Candless, Alan Kaplan, Bob Payne, Mike Roylance, Robert Carpenter, Carson Mc Teer, Joe Barati, Jeff Cortazzo, Craig Gosnell, Phil Teele and many others.

Our outstanding instruments can be heard at Disneyland, Medieval Times, and in our nation's capitol including the top military service bands and ensembles: the Naval Academy Drum & Bugle Corps, the US Marines "Commandant's Own" Drum & Bugle Corps, the 3rd Infantry "Old Guard" Fife and Drum Corps, the US Air Force Concert Band, The US Army Band "Pershing's Own" Herald Trumpets, the Navy School of Music, the United States Military Academy at West Point and more.

This is a list containing the specifications of non-custom trombone models from various manufacturers that have been discontinued.

I hope to add to and continually update this list - please do let me know if you spot any errors or omissions.

Trombone designs were finalised in 1928, the same year Vincent moved factories to the Bronx, New York.